Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Quality Standards

Quality Standards

National Quality Standards Framework

In 2011 Ossory Youth underwent the Department of Children and Youth Affairs National Quality Standards Process. This is primarily a support, development and assessment tool that provides services and organisations with the opportunity to articulate through a common language their youth work practice. The process affirmed the work of the organisation but also identified some areas for improvement.

Ossory Youth continue to implement the recommendations made by the National Quality Standard Framework. The main piece of work centred on an Ossory Youth approach to planning and evaluating our work. The organisation invested significantly in training staff to ensure that our work was planned and evidenced based. In 2014 Ossory Youth had successfully completed the first three year cycle.

The NQSF process provides Ossory Youth with the opportunity to articulate our youth work practice, as well as providing a structured framework for us to review and assess our work and to assist in our continuous development. The result is an improvement in good practice and in addressing the needs of young people to an even greater extent.


The rationale for the development of the NQSF initiative is:

  • To provide a support and development tool to youth work organisations providing services to children and young people;
  • To establish standards in the practice and provision of youth work;
  • To provide an enhanced evidence base for youth work;
  • To ensure resources are used effectively in the youth work sector;
  • To provide a basis for ‘whole organisational assessment.

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National Quality Standards Framework for Volunteer Led Youth Groups (NQSFVLYG)

Ossory Youth are currently undergoing the NQSF process with our  youth clubs.Knows as the NQSFVLYG, this is a set of national standards for local volunteer-led youth groups and clubs. The Standards present an opportunity for youth groups to demonstrate their commitment to good practice and to the delivery of quality programmes and activities which meet the needs and expectations of its members. As well as being a benchmark for progress, the NQSVLYG provides a fundamental building block upon which practice can be developed on an ongoing basis. These Quality Standards are a “living document” which will evolve and be reviewed and informed by the process as the Standards are implemented in clubs and groups.

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