Saturday 17 November 2018
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Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

2013 was the first year of our current Strategic Plan. The plan clearly and boldly sets out how we see things and it articulates how we need to move forward. We know that youth work works, and we know that it has a particular role to play in delivering on the ‘Five National Outcomes’ for Children. So our five-year plan is about two things; keep doing what we know we are really good at and ensuring that we articulate what we do within the wider continuum of services for young people.

Ossory Youth was established in 1985 and since the beginning we have always placed young people at the centre of our work. Young people have always engaged with the organisation on a voluntary basis and this has never changed, however the way in which we work has adapted, developed and modified to cater for the needs of young people.

In 2012 Ossory Youth reviewed its service provision in the context of how we work with young people, volunteers and communities as well as funders and other agencies. After a lot of reviewing of our work, research and practise, we developed our Strategic Plan 2013-2017.

Since 1985 youth work has grown and developed in Ireland, however this strategic plan is operating in a period of severe economic difficulty and our challenge is to meet the needs of young people and support them and their families during this difficult time. The environment in which we work, along with the people we work with, have changed since the last 5 year plan and they will continue to change during this plan. While our principles will remain constant, our priorities will change and develop to meet these needs.

The Strategic Plan outlines how we plan to deliver on our 3 core aims and, importantly, how we will know when we get there.

1. To journey with young people in a way that positively contributes to their lives and well-being.

2. To attract and support volunteers and enhance their time energy and commitment so that they are sustained for the benefit of young people.

3. To ensure that the organisation is equipped to meet current and future challenges in the youth work sector.

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