Saturday 17 November 2018
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Youth Clubs

Youth Clubs

What is a youth club and how to get started in your community

The purpose of a local youth club is to provide a safe and comfortable place where young people from the area can meet and socialise together.  As well as providing a meeting place the club may also serve other needs of young people. These include:

  • Accessing sport
  • Learning new skills
  • To engage in their wider community in a positive way
  • To belong and feel part of something
  • To mix and make friends
  • To have a place where they can safely discuss issues and topics which interest them
  • A place where they can have fun
  • A break from home/family life
  • The need to participate and be involved in decision making
  • The need to have positive adult role models outside of home and school

Youth clubs operate one night a week for two hours.  The venue is usually the community hall/centre and a team of local people who volunteer their time staffs the club.  Young people attend on a voluntary basis.  The club programme is varied and includes sport, music, song, dance, outings, talks, discussion group, community involvement and participation in the wider youth service programme.

Setting up a Youth Club

If you are interested in getting a youth club or youth group started in your community, and you live within the Diocese of Ossory then give us a call. We will support you in every step along the way, to ensure your youth club will be a safe, fun and enjoyable experience for both young people and leaders. We have all types of youth groups and clubs, including junior clubs, senior clubs, boys groups and girls groups. We have groups with 6 members and groups with 60 members! You will need 1 leader to every 8 young people plus one extra (e.g. 8 young people- 2 leaders, 16 young people- 3 leaders)

However there are a couple of things you can do to get us started;

  • Ensure you have interested volunteers over 18 who like working with young people.
  • Source a venue.
  • Then just give Martina a call on  056-7761200  and she will come out to meet with you and the rest of the interested volunteers and plan the next steps with you.

We will provide full volunteer training for all your leaders which will include child protection, policies and insurance, programmes and activities, finance and grants. we will also provide you with a starter pack of games and activities that you can do with your group.

We will also provide a varied and fun youth club programme that your youth club members can get involved in. See events for an insight into what your new youth club could be involved in.

Ossory Youth have clubs set up all over the county of Kilkenny and in parts of Laois. To see our youth clubs click here

Email Martina or call her on 056-7761200 for more information and she will be happy to discuss setting up your new club.